The Armadillo Software Protection System

The Armadillo Software Protection System 8.60

Adds protection measures to computer devices
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Protect your marketing or development projects by setting up additional layers of security configured and controlled from the unified center. The program provides password and login validation, language string generation, server-based licensing operations, etc.

The Armadillo Software Protection System is a very useful tool when it comes to keeping your computer locked and safe. It works very much like armor for the documents and programs you have on your system. Every time you connect to the Internet and download something from the Web, there is a chance that are some viruses and other malware programs may install themselves on your computer without you knowing it. However, this Armadillo application may help you protect your entire computer and information from all these threats.

It is very easy to use, and you can have a total of 1024 computers protected with only one key. To increase the startup speed of protected programs, version 8.0 comes with a new option - "Disable SMART WMI Test". This option works only with programs protected with a SMART serial number, which keeps certain hardware devices locked and safe.

A very important feature of this software application is that it is made for everyone, not just for those who know a lot about computers - any user wanting to protect their computer can easily use this protection system. If in doubt, you can always download a user guide for this new version from the developer’s web site.

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  • The SMART disable function
  • Two downloadable versions - for 32- and 64-bit systems


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